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5 free background music for your next visual novel.  These BGMs were created for the use in visual novels but can be used in any other game or media if they so fit in there.

The BGMs in this pack are as follows -

1. Frozen Winter - Can be used in emotional scenes
2. Hope - Can be used in the main menu screen
3. Beanfeast - Can be used for cheerful scenes
4. Woo Scary - Can be used in scary scenes
5. Dramatic Boi - Something about to go down

If you'd like to support me, you may purchase this pack for 2 USD and get the following additional BGMs:

1. Moon Guitar
2. Pizzicato Boi
3. Simple Line

Watch the youtube video provided at the top to listen to the samples of these BGMs.

License & Terms of Use:

This background music pack has a royalty free license. Meaning, you can use these for both personal and commercial projects, as many times as you want. Giving credit is not necessary but would be appreciated.

You can edit and modify these for your own use. However, you cannot resell or distribute them in the form that it is downloaded or even when it is modified.

Still not sure if it is okay to use them?

If you are using this music pack for your own visual novel or any other game, you have nothing to worry about. You can go ahead and make your visual novel using this music pack and even sell your game.

Thank you for your support.

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GenreVisual Novel
Tagsbackground-music, bgm, Music, Ren'Py, TyranoBuilder


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is it okay to use it on a non-VN game?

Hello sorry for the late reply

Yes, you are free to use these anywhere you like, even in non vn games

Hello! Thank you for sharing this beautiful music. I used the "Frozen Winter" track in my VN, but the game is written in Ukrainian, game's name translated like "In a stained glass window".


Glad to hear my BGM helped you. Thank you for your support :)


Hi Potato :) I love that music box bgm :) great job :)


Hello Anwynn, thank you for always supporting me. I really appreciate it :D