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In need of some decent looking backgrounds for your visual novel? I'm here to help!

This is my second free visual novel backgrounds pack which contains a total of 67 images. Some of them are new, some are from my first free starter pack but with better visuals and lighting setup.

This pack contains the following:

1. Apartment A Entrance [ Day ]
2. Apartment A Exterior [ Day ]
3. Apartment A Exterior Scene 2 - Door [ Day ]
4. Apartment A Living Room [ Day / Night (with Lights) ]
5. Apartment B Living Room [ Day ]
6. Bathroom
7. Forest Scene 1 [ Night (with Lights) ]
8. Hotel Room B [ Day ]
9. Hotel Room Doors - No. 101, 102, 307 [ Light / No Light ]
10. Island Resort Scene 1 [ Day ]
11. Kitchen Dining [ Day / Evening ]
12. Outskirts Road A [ Day ]
13. Personal Room [ Day / Night ]
14. Relaxing Area [ Day / Evening ]
15. Train Scene 1 [ Day ]
16. Under Bridge [ Day / Night ]

The following are from my starter pack 1 but with better visuals than before:

1. City A Scene 1 [ Day / Night (with Lights) ]
2. City A Scene 3 [ Day / Evening ]
3. Classroom A [ Day / Evening ]
4. House A [ Day / Evening / Night (with Lights) ]
5. House B [ Day / Evening ]
6. Park A Scene 1 [ Day / Day2 / Evening / Night / Night (with Lights) ]
7. Park A Scene 2 [ Day ]
8. Park A Scene 3 [ Day ]
9. School A Auditorium [ Day / InUse x2 ]
10. School A Gym Scene 1 - Basketball Court [ Day / Evening / Night ]
11. School A Gym Scene 5 - Basketball Court [ Day ]
12. School A Hallway [ Day / Evening ]
13. School A Scene 1 - Front [ Day / Evening / Night ]
14. School A Scene 2 - Roof [ Day / Evening / Night ]
15. School A Scene 3 - Tennis Court [ Day ]
16. School A Scene 4 [ Day ]
17. School A Scene 5 [ Day ]
18. School A Stairs [ Day / Evening ]
19. Student Council Room [ Evening ]
20. Club Room [ Day / Evening ]

Image Format : PNG (.png)
Image Resolution : 1920x1080

If you like these and want more backgrounds or different time cycles then you may check out my Premium Pack 2 (Only 1 USD)

License & Terms of Use:

This pack has a royalty free license. Meaning, you can use this pack for both personal and commercial projects, as many times as you want. Giving credit is not necessary but would be appreciated.

You can edit and modify these background images. However, you cannot resell or distribute the images in the form that it is downloaded or even when it is modified.

Still not sure if it is okay to use them?
If you are using these backgrounds for your own visual novel or any other game, you have nothing to worry about. You can go ahead and make your visual novel using this pack and even sell your game.

Thank you for your support!

Need help in creating visual novels? I've made a tutorial to teach you the basics of creating a visual novel using Ren'Py:

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GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Backgrounds, Ren'Py, TyranoBuilder


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Hello, You can use these backgrounds in any projects you like, even in commercial projects. Credit is not necessary but I will appreciate it :)

You may also check out my newer free background packs if they fit into your game. Thank you for your support :D

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Hi, I used some of your backgrounds for my 4th VN "How to Win Girls and Influence People". I credited you in-game and would like to say thank you for sharing this with us.

Glad these backgrounds helped you :) thank you for the credit, I'll check out your game


Now I'm nervous :)
I hope you like it 

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Thank you for the credit and support :) I'll make sure to check out your vn

potat0master thank you so much for these free backgrounds to use for my visual novel. I truly appreciate you and I'll be crediting you on my gamejolt page of my game. Thank You!

(6) Dead Silence: Obsession by Spideyisawesome2007 - Game Jolt

Dead Silence: Obsession by BurnaGanGson (itch.io)

Glad to see these helped you :) Thank you for the credit and your support.

I'll make sure to check your game. Cheers!

You're my hero! Omg 🥺

Glad they'll help you :) Thank you for your support.

i used  yours backgrounds :  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFzZwlIij7GImrbwFRjkfqAp_C5-YG7xM

That's great! Glad to see these helped you :)

Thank you


Potat0Master, thank you so much for these backgrounds! I utilized one of them for my latest VN, my first game jam submission! I have linked it below if you'd like to check it out, and I have credited you. Thank you again!


Really happy to hear this, glad these helped you :)

Also thank you for the credit.

thanks for the backgrounds, I created my first game with them and in the game I mentioned you as the creator of the backgrounds art. Without your backgrounds it would take much longer and this helps me to continue creating and improving little by little. Thanks

I'll give you a link in case you want to take a look at it


It really makes me happy to hear that these backgrounds were of help to create a full game :D Also, I appreciate the credit

I'll make sure to check it out :)

Thank you.

Thanks for your beautiful background, i will wait for your new package soon thanks, if you have more character sprite i would love to order it , thank you so much my friend 🤗

(1 edit)

The next BG pack will be a small mansion pack, hope they will be useful too :)

For the character sprites, I'm trying to improve my artwork. So, it may take some time.

Thank you for your support!


friend i will use your funds for some videos that i will post on youtube but don't worry, i will credit them with your name even if i don't need to, this is all beautiful!
(4 edits) (+1)

If you mean these background images then I'm glad to hear that these will be of your help. :)

Thank you

Edit: I just found out that funds means backgrounds in your language. Very happy to see people all over the world finding my backgrounds helpful :D